Trump Jr tried to mock Bernie Sanders' masculinity and people reminded him who his father is

Greg Evans
Thursday 29 August 2019 15:45

Donald Trump Jr isn't exactly a man who should be questioning someone's masculinity but he really put his foot in it on Wednesday when he tried to take a pop at Democrat Bernie Sanders.

On Wednesday the president's son shared a video of Sanders trying his hand at a bit of boxing, where he took a few jabs at a punching bag.

Given that Sanders is 77-years-old he isn't exactly Muhammad Ali but he perseveres and is probably no better than Trump Jr would be with his fists.

Anyway, the younger Donald used this clip as an attempt to ridicule Sanders, somehow interpreting his athleticism as an example of him not being able to negotiate with other world leaders.

By now, Trump Jr should really realise that if he is going to try and take someone down on Twitter that it isn't going to work and people duly responded by sharing pictures and videos of his father which aren't exactly the most flattering or masculine.

Oh and let's not forget about this rather embarrassing story about Don Jr.

And this lovely picture too...

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