Donald Trump Jr liked a tweet calling his dad 'the most hip-hop president yet'

Joshua Roberts/ Reuters/ Twitter

There is nothing that Donald Trump Jr loves more than sharing a good old meme about his daddy.

Although the memes are sometimes incorrect and sometimes completely inappropriate, the 41-year-old continues to share them like a 16-year-old kid on 4Chan.

The most recent meme that has taken Trump Jr's fancy is a hip-hop song about the president of the United States, which unlike YG's classic 2016 tune 'FDT,' is actually in favour of 45.

The song comes from a pro-Trump account called @LegendayEnergy and was posted in reply to a Trump tweet about the prime minister of Sweden, Stefan Lofven.

Once Trump Jr 'liked' the tweet it was picked up by the @TrumpAlerts account, which is a bot that monitors every account and every tweet that members of the Trump family or his administration interact with.

Once people noticed this, the response were that of despair and a growing sense of all hope fading away, quicker than those few fans that still think that Dr Dre is going to release 'Detox'.

Did we mention that Trump Jr has apparently written a book?

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