Trump Jr’s cousin calls him ‘deeply unintelligent person’ who could ‘out racist anybody’

Trump Jr’s cousin calls him ‘deeply unintelligent person’ who could ‘out racist anybody’

Donald Trump Jr’s cousin Mary has not minced her words as she described him as a “deeply unintelligent” and “racist” person.

Mary Trump is Donald Trump senior’s niece and has been a vocal opponent of her right-wing relatives and their political beliefs.

During a recording of the political UnPresidented Podcast, host John Aravosis asked Mary “what the hell is going on” with her cousin Donald Trump Jr, who she refers to as “Donnie”.

Mary pulled no punches as she referred to her younger cousin as “weak” and “the stupidest one” among many other things.

She said: “Donnie is weak… he had no intention of striking out on his own. He had no intention of doing anything but sucking up and toeing the line.”

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Mary claimed that Donald Trump Sr “had this thing for Ivanka really early on” meaning “Donnie was left in the dust. And yet he still tries doesn’t he?”

Mary continued: “I think he’s like many other people in my family – he has no core, he has no ideology, no beliefs.

“He’ll out-racism anybody, he’ll out-misogyny anybody, he’ll out-shoot as many innocent animals as possible to get whatever passes for affection in my family.”

Mary accused her younger cousin Donnie of constantly seeking approval from his father and lacking any of his own beliefs.

She said: “Donnie is a deeply unintelligent person. I’ve been asked ‘who’s the stupidest one?’ and it’s him.”

It comes as Donald Trump Sr is trying to sue his niece Mary, as well as The New York Times, for damages worth at least $100 million (£73 million) for allegedly obtaining his tax records for stories.

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