Trump Jr’s latest rant received brutal response from his ‘ex-girlfriend’
Donald Trump Jr Twitter screenshot @MysterySolvent

Donald Trump Jr’s bizarre TV appearances to be escalating after a series of widely publicised addresses in recent weeks.

He kept his streak of strange appearances going on Sunday, after he posted a video (now removed by him) delivering a rant about Hunter Biden’s alleged ties to China – leaving many people to wonder what on earth was going on. Hunter Biden denies any wrongdoing.

The video appears to take place inside a dingy motel room, which led to #Motel6 to trend on Twitter. Even Aubrey O'Day, who is allegedly Jr’s ex-girlfriend, was not sure what to make of it.

She simply responded: “wtf”.

O’Day originally rose to fame as a member of the girl group Danity Kane. The singer also appeared on Trump’s Celebrity Apprenticein 2011, where she met Trump Jr. The pair allegedly dated for a few months, despite Trump Jr. being married.

Last year, O’Day told People Magazine – calling him her “ex” – that Donald Trump Jr. was no longer “the person she fell in love with”.

One Twitter user asked O’Day: “Was he always like this?… i guess we all have lapses we regret.” She replied, “He wasn’t that. trust me.”

Even so, Aubrey still can’t seem to get the madness out of her mind. Two days later she posted a bewildered GIF in response to a similarly bizarre recent appearance by Don Jr. on Fox News.

Others tried to imagine what has been going on with Don Jr:

“Is he altering his voice to sound more like Donald? It sure sounds like he is purposely trying to even sound like him. Really creepy,” one person asked. Is he sad about the election outcome perhaps? Or, is he obsessed with Hunter Biden “because Hunter’s dad actually loves him,”? another person joked.

Either way, in one short month hopefully Don Jr.’s tirades will be even more irrelevant than they are now. 

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