This email sent by Trump headquarters is mind blowing


The Trump administration is no stranger to controversy.

Their ongoing issues with bad press, allegations surrounding close ties with Russia and the albatross known as Trumpcare, all seem to be hampering the President's first 100 days in office (along with his approval ratings).

However, it's a new email posted out by Trump headquarters that is causing the latest furore among American voters.

Trump Headquarters reportedly sent an email out on Thursday (simply titled 'Vindicated'), asking people whether they stand with President Trump.

It begins:

Since even before Inauguration Day, Democrats, the media, and the entire opposition have tried to take down President Trump by resorting to nasty attacks and spreading fake news.

But President Trump has fought back and been vindicated time and time again – and he will KEEP FIGHTING to deliver on the promises he made to you, the American people.

So far, so Trump.

The poll question that follows may seem like a reasonable question, but it’s response options have understandably left people understandably confused:

Worryingly, the only two response options are:

Answer 1 – I stand with president Trump

Answer 2 – I believe Democrats & fake news

Those who choose '"I believe Democrats & fake news" are then brought to the following page:

Unsurprisingly, it has caused outrage among Americans:

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