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During a Twitter rant about Michael Cohen on Monday, Donald Trump managed to make a reference to someone that left people scratching their heads.

Trump has been on a verbal tirade following his former lawyer pleading guilty to taking part in negotiations with Russian officials during the 2016 presidential election.

Last week Cohen confessed that he had lied to Congress 2017 about meeting with Russians to discuss a real estate project in Moscow, which happened after Trump was confirmed as the Republican candidate.

In the days since Cohen's confession, Trump has tried to claim that the lawyer is trying to do everything that he can to get a reduced jail sentence, which is a rhetoric that continued today.

This rant isn't anything new from Trump but nobody could quite figure out what he was on about when he referenced someone called 'Scott Free.'

He was obviously trying to write the word 'scot-free' but has managed to make another classic Trump spelling mistake.

As soon as he made this error, people began to ask who exactly Scott Free was.

Perhaps he's a key link in the investigation that Robert Mueller has overlooked.

Perhaps it's a reference to the DC Comics superhero Mister Miracle, whose real name is Scott Free.

Even the dictionary had to correct the president.

Does Trump even know who Scott Free is?

We just hope that Scott Free isn't a real person because he's going to have a lot of questions to answer.

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