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In an attempt to bridge sour relations between Muslims and Republicans and supporters of President Trump, the Dar-Al-Jalal Islamic Center in St. Louis held an open house on Sunday afternoon, for people to learn more about Islam and Islamic culture.

Speakers at the event spoke to an audience of around 100 people, who were predominately Muslim.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations organised the event, and told the St Louis Post Dispatch that they had invited many local conservative groups, who failed to send any large representation or encourage attendance.

These included a Tea Party chapter and local Republican party officials, who were invited to the event called "Make America Whole Again".

The St Louis Post Dispatch reports that Some Republicans did turn up, like Robert Vroman, a St. Louis GOP committeeman who said he'd never been to a mosque and found the event useful:

I’m basically for open borders.

I know that’s a rare opinion in the Republican Party.

One speaker was also a Trump supporter, a Republican party member called Eli Karabell who converted from Judaism to Islam when he was 19.

He urged Muslim Republicans to become a more prominent voice in the party under Trump.

HT St. Louis Post Dispatch

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