Yesterday was a landmark day in the history of US politics as Taylor Swift confirmed that she was voting Democrat.

The internationally renowned musician had been coy about her political leanings for years, but she has officially come out in support of Democrats due to her opposition of Republican Marsha Blackburn.

Blackburn is running for Senate in the midterms for Tennessee, but in an Instagram post, Swift cited her voting record in Congress as the reason she was voting Democrat.

This created all sorts of pandemonium on Twitter as her many fans were delighted with the decision.

One person who is unlikely to be too pleased about this news is Donald Trump, who has already said that he likes Swift's music "25 per cent less".

Well, this is pretty awkward, because just a few years ago Trump was clearly a big fan of Swift - and there's video evidence to prove it.

What we have here is Donald and his son Barron in a Rolls Royce listening to the Swift song 'Blank Space' whilst Melania films from the back seat, which was reportedly filmed in 2014.

We won't begrudge the Trump family listening to this song, as it's definitely a banger, but given yesterday's news people have begun to share it again as it is almost a prophetic piece of footage.

The video is actually still on Melania's Facebook page, so maybe someone should tell her.

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