Donald Trump tweeted about the media and everyone is making the same joke

AFP/ Getty Images / Saul Loeb

Donald Trump has a tenuous grasp on a lot of things, including the English language.

So when he made a glorious grammatical error, people jumped at the chance to take advantage.

Trump wrote:

Don't believe the main stream (fake news) media. The White House is running VERY WELL. I inherited a MESS and am in the process of fixing it.

And the responses have been great, largely pointing out that "mainstream" is one word:

Speaking of streams, the President on Friday overturned a law preventing companies dumping coal mining debris in streams and rivers.

When the rule was originally announced in December, the Interior Department said that 6,000 miles of streams and 52,000 acres of forests would be protected.

Lawmakers from coal-mining states stood close by at the announcement, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Republican-Kentucky), Senator Rand Paul (Republican-Kentucky), Senator Joe Manchin (Democrat-West Virginia) and Senator Shelley Moore Capito (Republican West Virginia).

Several coal miners and energy company executives also attended the White House signing ceremony.

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