On Wednesday morning, Eric Trump sent out an email to Donald Trump's campaign supporters, which claimed "right now all the momentum is on our side".

Which is a dramatic claim after the polls show he has slumped following comments displaying a relaxed attitude to sexism and sexual assualt, and a poor second debate performance.

Eric Trump wrote:

We’re making huge gains against Crooked Hillary that you can see for yourself.

...before including a version of the below map, by Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight.

Picture:Picture: FiveThirtyEight

There is a small problem with doing this - it was based on modelling what the result would be if only men voted.

If only women voted, the picture is very different.

As is the overall picture, which currently shows Hillary winning pretty damn comfortably.

Picture:Picture: FiveThirtyEight

Unfortunately for Trump, women have the vote.

People have been mocking the selective reporting openly, with some pretty creative interpretation:

Even Nate Silver has been pretty frank about The Donald's chances at present:

What a time to be alive.

We've gone ahead and tried to predict the next FiveThirtyEight prediction.

Picture:Picture: indy100

Probably not far off, if we're honest.

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