President Donald Trump loves to crusade against "fake news."

It certainly appears, from his public press conferences anyway, that he enjoys bringing up the 'crooked media' whenever possible.

He's accused a number of news agencies over the months, from theNew York Times to BuzzFeed, of peddling lies about him.

Trump supporters are fully onboard with the President's stance on the issue - but it seems to be a different story when the boot is on the other foot.

An image on the pro-Trump Facebook group, All about President Trumphas recently been doing the rounds on social media.

It appears to show Trump rescuing a pair of cats from the floods in Houston after Hurricane Harvey, sporting the caption 'Things the media forgets!'


Now, it wouldn't take an expert to notice that the image is completely bogus and has been edited on Photoshop.

Not only did this never happen, it's clearly not Trump's body at all.

However, Trump supporters have shared the image over 17,000 times since it was posted on 9 September.

Even worse, is the fact that the original image isn't even from the floods in Houston.

Myth-busting website Snopeshave looked into the origin of the picture, and learned that it was taken in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 2008.

It shows Brandon Smith rescuing his two cats from dangerous waters after a major flood hit the state.

The original photo was captured by photographer David Greedy for Getty Images - another photo from his series of images can be seen below.


Snopes also found an image of Trump on a raft reaching out to survivors of the storm to be false.

Trump did visit Houston to see the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, but he didn't go out into the waters and he certainly didn't rescue any cats. As a sitting President we imagine the Secret Service probably would advise him to stay safe in a dangerous environment.

HT Huffington Post, Snopes

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