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Following the devastating mass shooting in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday, President Trump paid a visit to the victims.

The President reportedly spent about 35 minutes at the Broward North Health hospital on Friday evening.

However, his visit to the medical facility was curious, as he paid respects to the emergency services but barely mentioned the victims.

According to WBEN, Trump only visited two victims. When questioned about his interactions with them, he quickly diverted back to the staff.

The Washington Post reports that he used cliched sound bites when talking to the press and not the usual rousing speech you would expect from someone in his position.

Trump also said:

Incredible job, and everybody is talking about it.


They [the families] were in really great shape"

New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman documented more of what Trump said during his visit.

Compared to previous Presidents who have shown great compassion when visiting victims of traumatic events and natural disasters, Trump's comments and actions could be interpreted as unemotional.

Trump has already been heavily criticised for the photos he posed for at the hospital where he was seen grinning and giving a thumbs up.

He has since shared a picture on Instagram of himself and Melania visiting a victim accompanied by a caption where he sends his prayers but heavily focuses on his praise for law enforcement.

After his visit concluded, he travelled to his private Mar-A-Largo complex in Florida for the remainder of the weekend.

In the hours and days since his visit, he has blamed the FBI for the shooting and also claimed the Democrats could have introduced stricter gun laws when Barack Obama was in power.

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