This photo from the G20 is the perfect metaphor for America right now

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It's fair to say that Donald Trump didn't have the best of times at the G20.

The US President had an action packed few days in Hamburg, Germany filled with controversy.

Firstly, there was his much-touted big showdown with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which turned out more like a nice first date than a heated political discussion over North Korea and election tampering.

He then had a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping where the topics of trade and how to approach the North Korea situation were raised.

His daughter Ivanka also filled in for him at one point at the summit table, which was a questionable move to say the least.

There were some unsettling scenes outside the discussions, as protests broke out in the city centre.

The conclusion of the seummit saw the leaders vow to move forward collectively on climate change, despite Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement.

Which must have been awkward.

Trump was probably aware that he was in for a rough ride in Germany, as this picture from the first day indicates.

People pointed out how inadequate Trump looked in those surroundings:

He, of course, had a different opinion on how the G20 had gone.

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