On Thursday, the president of China Xi Jinping met with the President of the United States.

At a hotel resort owned by the President.

Having a hidey hole isn’t uncommon for commanders in chief.

President Gerald Ford had a cabin in the Rocky Mountains, and Richard Nixon had a ‘winter White House’ in Florida, Lyndon B. Johnson had the Johnson Ranch in Texas, John F. Kennedy had Cape Cod in Massachusetts, and Franklin D. Roosevelt had Hyde Park, New York.

But never before has a president’s business been the venue for international meetings.

Analysis by the New York Times has found the president spent 22 days so far at a Trump property, and 54 elsewhere.

Nine of the president’s 11 weekends in office have been spent at a Trump property.

This includes his Florida hotels and golf courses, as well as some in Washington D.C’s backyard, Virginia.

What’s the president been doing there?

Meetings with senior staff, visits from foreign leaders, such as Xi Jinping, a gala for the red cross, and you know... Golf.

HT New York Times

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