There's a 'critical incident' in Dover and people are blaming Brexit

There's a 'critical incident' in Dover and people are blaming Brexit
Natalie Elphicke claims traffic jams in Dover are because of Brussels bureaucracy ...

The Port of Dover has declared a "critical incident" due to five-hour queues leading to the ferry terminal and people are blaming Brexit.

The Port itself is blaming French authorities for being "insufficiently resourced" as it is understood only six of the 12 passport booths run by the French authorities at Dover are currently open, but people have other ideas.

The Port said: "The Dover route remains the most popular sea route to France and France remains one of the key holiday destinations for British families.

"We know that resource is finite, but the popularity of Dover is not a surprise. Regrettably, the PAF [police aux frontieres] resource has been insufficient and has fallen far short of what is required to ensure a smooth first weekend of the peak summer getaway period."

And Dover MP Natalie Elphicke said the French authorities "didn't turn up to work".

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But The Independent's travel expert Simon Calder told Good Morning Britain pointed the finger at Brexit. "Since Brexit it's been necessary to have every single passport stamped at Dover. You might recall in the olden days you just sort of waved your passports at the French border police, they didn't show much interest.

"Now they are obliged to stamp your passport, as a result of that everything takes much longer".

Here are other ways people thought Brexit had something to do with the chaos:

It is by no means the first time Dover has been hit with long queues - they became headline news in February and May this year but politicians have not pointed to Brexit at all as a cause and have even gone as mad as to blame the EU.

We didn't see "long queues" on the side of a bus...

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