Motorist busted driving along M6 motorway while watching the England game on their tablet

Sadly, life doesn’t stop for everyone, even when a historic sporting event comes around.

Although millions of people tuned into England’s momentous Euro 2020 clash with Denmark, not everyone was lucky enough to have the night off.

Some fans will have done their best to get around it, sneakily watching the game on phones under desks, for example, or having the radio on in the background.

But while multitasking works in some scenarios, it certainly doesn’t when you’re on the roads.

Try telling that to one motorist who got stopped while driving down the M6 motorway while watching the semi-final on his tablet.

The Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG), which covers the West Midlands and Staffordshire, tweeted about the incident on Wednesday night writing: “We know that tonight is an important night for football and everyone wants to watch the game.

“But watching it on a tablet while driving along the M6 is not the way...Driver stopped and reported for the offence.”

In a separate post the CMPG explained that officers had followed the driver “along a virtually empty motorway for 7 miles,” adding that they were “constantly driving in lane 3 driving well under the speed limit.”

We’re guessing that, unlike for the rest of us, the match didn’t end up being the highlight of that driver’s week.

Next time, pull over.

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