Drunk man on plane tried to kick out the window before being subdued by marines

Drunk man on plane tried to kick out the window before being subdued by marines
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A drunk man allegedly tried to kick out the windows of a plane flying from London to Los Angeles and it is the stupidest thing we've heard all week.

The man, believed to be British because of course he was, reportedly got aggressive with flight attendants and rampaged around the plane before a group of marines on board subdued him.

The passenger, believed to be British, was seated in the Economy cabin when he got aggressive on the flight and reportedly faced-off with flight attendants on three occasions.

The commotion forced the pilot to divert the Virgin Atlantic plane to Salt Lake City and it even caused a mum on the plane to drop her baby, leaving the child with minor injuries, eye witnesses told The Sun.

"A passenger on board became unruly and fought several passengers while attempting to move towards the cockpit," said police sources. "During the fight, a mum dropped her baby causing injury.

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"They eventually got him under control and handcuffed the guy and diverted to Salt Lake City for police to enter the plane and take him into custody."

Then the marines stepped in and handcuffed the man and police took him into custody in Salt Lake City.

"It took a good while to get him to sit back down and resolve it," said one observer. "Then a few hours later it happened again and I thought to myself 'This may not end well'.

"Later he had fallen asleep but woke up ready to go again and that’s when he started getting physical. There were a couple of US Marines who piled in on him.

"He was sitting in the back and he got handcuffed right there."

The man then started complaining that he couldn't feel his fingers after they handcuffed him.

After he was removed, the plane continued on to Los Angeles and his antics delayed the flight by four hours.

'The safety and wellbeing of our customers and crew is always our top priority and we don’t tolerate any behaviour that compromises this,' said Virgin Atlantic in a statement.

The US Attorney is expected to file formal charges on Wednesday.

Thoughts and prayers to the man's hangover.

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