Man shares beautiful story about his grandmother loving Dungeons and Dragons in her final year

Darren Richman
Saturday 24 August 2019 07:45

Twitter user @AntnHz lost his grandmother recently and shared a beautiful story about bonding after introducing her to Dungeons and Dragons during the last year of her life.

He began a remarkable thread with the sentiment:

My grandmother passed away. Her funerals were today, but here I'd like to talk about the most important thing I couldn't spend too much time on in her eulogy: her love for Dungeons & Dragons. #DnD

He went on to explain:

She started very late, at 75, only a little over a year ago. One day I simply asked her if she'd like to try, and, like always when presented with something new, she said "Of course!". So we grabbed my PHB and built up a character together.

This, however, was only the start of the story.

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