Out of all the problems a country can have, not having enough convicts to fill your prisons is probably one of the better ones.

Prison overcrowding might be a problem in the UK, but in the Netherlands they are closing prisons at an astonishing rate, simply because there just aren’t enough prisoners anymore.

Five Dutch prison closures were announced in 2016, following nineteen closures in 2014 and eight in 2009.

The crime rate in the country is failing at around 0.9% per year, and judges are giving out shorter sentences. This means there will be 3,000 prison cells, and 300 youth detention places that will no longer be required by 2021.

The Guardianhas even reported that Norway has been sending over prisoners to serve out their time in jails in the Netherlands, since their prison system is too overcrowded, and the Dutch have the space.

HT: Fast Coexist

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