Dylan Mulvaney's 'Day of Girlhood' song has triggered right-wingers

Dylan Mulvaney's 'Day of Girlhood' song has triggered right-wingers
"Days of Girlhood" - Dylan Mulvaney [Official Music Video]

Trans activist Dylan Mulvaney has triggered the right wing with the release of her new song titled “Days of Girlhood.”

Mulvaney is no stranger to attacks from Conservative quarters, after her partnership with Bud Light beer in 2023 sparked a right-wing “boycott” of the brand over its trans rights support.

The 27-year-old has ruffled their feathers again, this time after releasing a tongue-in-cheek pop song and music video about “the basics” of being a woman.

It features lyrics about shopping and partying, while one part of the video sees Mulvaney shooting a water gun at some pink beer cans – a potential subtle nod to the time Kid Rock shot a real gun at cans of Bud Light amid the Mulvaney controversy.

The track title, Days of Girlhood, references the posts Mulvaney began sharing in 2022 on TikTok to document her transition. All proceeds from the song will be donated to The Trevor Project, a charity dedicated to LGBT+ youth suicide prevention.

Conservatives were quick to denounce the song and express their offence at how the song portrays women.

Media personality Angela Morabito wrote in a post on X/Twitter: “Dylan Mulvaney's song features bubble baths, one-night stands, and prescription pills.

“Nothing about contributing to the world in a meaningful way, like real women do. If you're going to pretend to be a woman, at least pretend to be a good one.”

Right-wing commentator Ian Miles Cheong shared a clip of the video, adding: “When you think you’ve seen the worst thing on the internet, Dylan Mulvaney releases a music video called ‘Girlhood’.”

In one comment under the video, someone wrote: “There's more to being a woman...not a girl...than wearing a pretty dress and doing our nails.”

It comes in the same week that singer Lady Gaga called out the transphobic abuse Mulvaney has faced and wished her a happy International Women’s Day.

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