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When Ed Balls was voted off Strictly Come Dancing last night, the professional dance world probably breathed a sigh of relief.

But the internet is devastated.

Love him or hate him, the sheer incongruenty of watching a former shadow chancellor on Strictly united the nation every week.

And the former Labour MP certainly won himself more smiles on the dance floor than he ever did in Parliament.

Despite often being at the bottom of the board, the public voted to keep him in time and time again, as the world as we knew it crumbled around us.

He became, in the words of Ed Miliband, a national treasure - and a source of internet hilarity.

You're not the judges' champion, but you are the people's champion!

- Len Goodman, Strictly Come Dancing judge

Sadly, according to this YouGov survey from last week, popularity with voters had finally begun to wane.

Like all good things, Disco Balls boogying the night away had to come to an end. He took it like a gentleman...

But the internet wasn't so graceful...

Nevertheless, many VIPs wished him well, implicitly acknowledging that his dad dancing shone a light into the abyss of 2016...

And while we hope never to see this bats*** crazy mask dance ever again...

...may it never be forgotten: the moment an MP saved 2016 with Gangnam Style.

In the words of the TLS editor...

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