Ed Miliband doesn't know what Yolo means, embodies the concept anyway

The phrase Yolo has been described as the "battle cry of a generation" and according to Vanity Fair variations of it have been in use since the 19th century.

Some say it was popularised by Drake in his 2011 song The Motto. Others claim its use became entrenched after the phrase was satrised by The Lonely Island in 2013.

We're being clear about this just in case you, like Ed Miliband, do not know what Yolo means. The Labour leader revealed he was unfamiliar with the term in an interview with Time Out that will be published in full tomorrow. Here's a sneak peak, via the magazine's Twitter account.

He may not have known what it meant until know, but at i100.co.uk we think Ed Miliband has always had a pretty Yolo attitude - you'd need one to challenge your brother in the Labour leadership race.

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