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Ed Miliband and Jeremy Corbyn have teamed up for the most ambitious crossover event of 2019.

The former Labour leader has been working in his constituency of Doncaster North helping residents who have been hit by major floods over the past week and yesterday he was joined by his successor.

For young Labour supporters who have been starved of Miliband memes since 2015, the pairing was an early Christmas present.

And the pictures were everything they could have asked for…

If you’re thinking “Wow, Ed Miliband’s moody new look is a bit hot”, you’re not alone!

No seriously, eyewitnesses say Miliband is hot.

And we’re not joking about Keir Starmer either – look at this 90s Britpop heartthrob…

The mixture of downtrodden Northern town, anxious emergency service staff and the no-nonsense style of the two Labour leaders has led some people to suggest Ed and Jeremy would make a great pair of TV detectives.

In a perfect world, Miliband would play a weary police officer trying to catch the killer who murdered his ex-wife, while Corbyn plays the old maverick brought out of retirement for one last case.

Although Miliband disagrees with Corbyn’s old-school style, he knows he’s the only man who can get the job done.

The murdered ex-wife is a metaphor for British socialism, obviously.

We’re just brainstorming here, but you could call the series something like “Chaos with Ed Miliband”…

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