YouTuber and comedian Niko Omilana went 'undercover as a racist' for 24 hours to attend an EDL march.

The press aren't allowed access to EDL rallies, so in order to attend the event in Telford on May 12, Omilana created a false identity as a reporter for EDL TV.

He also created a fake YouTube account called EDL TV, became an active participant in the EDL Facebook event, and brought along a white man called Dean who pretended to be his racist dad.

He donned a t-shirt emblazoned with the phrase 'EDL Forever', with his and Dean's faces Photoshopped over the top, as well as a St George's cross. Then, he began talking to members of the EDL.

Picture:NikoOmilana / Twitter

The first man he meets says he's been a member of the EDL for six years, and within about two minutes of beginning the conversation, Omilana has managed to convince him that he's a real member of the EDL.

Delighted, he comments:

I feel very privileged because this man is letting us, EDL TV, get exclusive footage.

Speaking to one member of the rally, Omilana manufactured a statistic, saying that 95 per cent of Muslims want to take over this country.

The man replies, "Disgusting." He then tells him that he's made up the statistic, and adds, "You really are a shmuck."

Picture:NikoOmilana / Twitter

Speaking to another woman, he says: "Let your heart out on camera, Hannah."

Hannah responds:

Basically, they need to get them all off our streets. They're our streets, they're taking our houses, they're taking the lot.

Nikolas asks if they've taken her teeth as well, and she replies: "Yes they did."

Picture:NikoOmilana / Twitter

In other clips, he hums over one man when he makes Islamophobic comments, trolls another man by saying he likes to dress in women's clothing, and even manages to get on one man's Facebook Live stream of the rally.

Eventually, the police intervene, with one officer saying:

There are people here that think you are satirising why they are here and what they are about.

Surely not!?

That potentially poses a threat to you, and it could be contagious. If somebody has a pop at you, then we could be dealing with disorder. And in this kind of environment...

Probably wise.

Watch the whole clip on Niko Omilana's YouTube channel here:

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