12 best jokes and memes celebrating Australia's enigmatic EggBoy

12 best jokes and memes celebrating Australia's enigmatic EggBoy

There aren't many things to celebrate in the world at the moment but I think we can all agree that 'Egg Boy' is the hero that we all deserve.

While we can't condone cracking eggs on the heads of an Islamophobic politician (who couldn't even show the smallest bit of empathy after Friday's New Zealand mosque shooting) but his small act of rebellion undoubtedly filled (almost) everyone with a small sense of optimism and hope about the youth of tomorrow.

Although 'Egg Boy', who has since been identified as 17-year-old Will Connolly, was arrested for his actions on Saturday, he has since been interviewed by police and has been released without charge.

Peter Gordon, Connolly's lawyer told 9 News that they have received "no indication" that charges would be laid against him "but obviously police have got a job to do" before adding:

To use Will's own words, the police have been awesome.

Connolly has since become something of an internet sensation and there are many, many memes celebrating his heroism so to commemorate his release here are some of the best memes that are out there.

Elsewhere tributes to the valiant efforts of 'Egg Boy' are being paid by his fans in the real world, starting with Philadelphia 76ers basketball stars Ben Simmons and Jonah Bolden, who literally wrote 'Egg Boy' on their trainers for a match on Tuesday.

A mural for 'Egg Boy' has also appeared in Melbourne, created by artist Van T Rudd.

It was then painted over by right-wing trolls who vandalised it by adding the hashtag #VoteFraser.

Anti-racism activists then painted over it with a message of defiance against white supremacy.

To only add to his awesomeness Egg Boy has confirmed that the majority of the money raised for him to pay legal fees and buy more eggs through a GoFundMe will be donated 'to the victims of the Christchurch terrorist attack.'

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