Superman actor Dean Cain said he’d beat up Egg Boy and the internet shredded him

In case you don't know, the internet has a new hero and his name is Eggboy.

Eggboy is 17-year-old Will Connolly, who this weekend, without fear or hesitation, cracked a raw egg on Fraser Anning's head after the horrible comments the Australian senator made about the tragic New Zealand terror attack.

Here is the video again, purely for your enjoyment.

In fact, Eggboy has become such a legend, that a mural was painted in his honour in Melbourne.

But naturally, Eggboy also has his fair share of haters, one of them being Dean Cain AKA Superman from the 1990's TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, who took to Twitter over the weekend to say he would "knock that kid cold".

Yes, the American actor, who is an outspoken Hollywood conservative and regularly goes on Fox News to voice his support for people like Brett Kavanaugh, really said he would knock out a child over the egg incident.

But even Superman couldn't escape the internet, who were quick to drag him.

Long live Eggboy!

HT Uproxx

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