Did Elizabeth Warren really snub Bernie Sanders' handshake? Here's our frame-by-frame verdict

It's the question everyone is asking about from the Democratic debate: did Elizabeth Warren snub Bernie Sanders?

The two senators vying for the Democratic nomination for president have been sparring over the last few days over comments that Warren alleges Sanders made during a private meeting in 2018.

Warren claims that Sanders said a woman can't win the presidential nomination, whereas he calls any insinuation he said this "ludicrous".

During the debate, things got tense between the one-time political besties, with both refusing to budge from their starkly different versions of events.

Afterwards, Warren approached Sanders to talk with him as other candidates shook hands behind them. A short clip of the exchange has since gone viral, with many people accusing Warren of "snubbing" Sanders' attempt to shake her hand.

But did she really snub him? And who looks good and bad in this messy, awkward feud?

The indy100 team give our verdict on the moment that everyone's talking about.

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