Elizabeth Warren supporter criticised for tribute tattoo that looks like a Holocaust number
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Elizabeth Warren's campaign to become president ended last week when she dropped out of the race to become the Democratic candidate following a disappointing set of results on Super Tuesday.

That being said, she ran a smart and inspiring campaign that invigorated many of her supporters. One element of her campaign which resonated strongly with her fan base was her choice of campaign colour.

"Liberty Green," which is the same colour as the Statue of Liberty, was probably the best campaign colour an election campaign has ever seen and for a short time was "the" colour to be wearing for Warren fans.

Warren supporters were also very aware of what the code was for the colour which is #b7e4cf.

Now that Warren's campaign is over and we wait to see whether she will endorse Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, her supporters have been finding ways to pay tribute to the woman that they wanted to become president.

One man who worked on Warren's campaign, who shall remain nameless, got a tattoo of the aforementioned code.

To those in the know, this would be a nice little tribute to Warren and liberty green. However, to the uninitiated, this tattoo might resemble the kind that was given to victims of the Holocaust.

Sure, enough replies to this tweet soon began to point out the problem with the tattoo design.

Other Warren supporters have also got the same tattoo.

indy100 has contacted Warren's former staffer for comment.

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