SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has overseen some fairly ridiculous and miraculous projects during his career.

The highlight is undoubtedly sending his own car into space, but let's not forget about the time he named one of his rockets 'BFR' aka 'Big F**king Rocket', or when he built a flamethrower to fight zombies.

However, his latest suggestion for how to advance space technology and travel may very well be his most ambitious yet, as it's not too dissimilar to the Disney Pixar movie Up.

Anyone who has seen Up will know that it's a story of an old man and young boy who go on an epic journey to South America. They do so by tying thousands of helium party balloons to a house and allowing it to carry them away.

Now, there's a good reason why no one has ever tried this as it's probably highly dangerous, but Musk is a man who often likes to prove that the impossible is possible.

Late on Sunday evening, Musk tweeted about an idea to bring a rocket back to Earth using nothing but a giant balloon and a bouncy house/ castle.

The goal of this, should it work, would be to lesser costs on how to return their rockets to Earth and use a more eco-friendly method.

Musk hasn't provided many more details on what this would exactly entail but he did offer an extra insight into the balloon after astronomy blogger Phil Plait questioned how helium would work in space.

Whether this actually comes to fruition or not, people are just giddy at the thought of a giant balloon in space.

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