Residents of flats with transparent swimming pool 115ft above the ground are fuming about how expensive it is

The residents of the flat with that viral transparent swimming pool are fuming about how expensive it is.

According to the Sun, the people living in the Embassy Gardens development in London South Bank want the pool to be closed during the winter because it costs over £150,000 to heat and since it is pretty cold over the winter months they are not exactly desperate to take a dip.

One couple who live in the development told The Sun: “It is too cold to be used at the moment so it seems mad that we’re still having to pay to heat it.

“If it’s £450 a day and, at most, five people are using it, that’s £90 per swim. That hardly seems like value for money.”

Another resident said: “We’re livid. The outside temperature has obviously dropped, but the Sky Pool is still open to residents and currently uncovered. We’re basically heating the sky.”

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The flats with the pool, which is 82ft long, stretches between buildings, and is 115ft up in the air in Nine Elms went viral in the summer for all the wrong reasons as social media users said it made them feel pretty ill.

People also pointed out that it is a bit of a controversial venture given it is only open to residents and not residents living there in shared- ownership schemes.

Speaking to The Guardian earlier this year, Nadeem Iqbal who lives in the flats through shared ownership said: “We have a front-row seat of the Sky Pool but the sad thing for us, living in the shared-ownership building, is that we will never have access to it. It’s only there for us to look at, just like the nice lobby, and all of the other facilities for the residents of the private blocks. Nobody expects these amenities for free, but we’re not even given the choice to pay for them.”,

Now those lucky enough to be allowed in it seem to have had enough. Oops.

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