A transparent swimming pool more than 100ft above the ground is making people feel sick

Kate Plummer
Wednesday 02 June 2021 07:08

A transparent swimming pool built more than 100ft above the ground is making people feel queasy.

After the BBC posted footage of people enjoying the pool, which was built between two London skyscrapers, people felt thoroughly unsettled and shared their views online:

The stomach-churning pool is located in Embassy Gardens - a complex of luxury apartments in South London - and is only open to brave residents in the buildings who were seen swimming in it on a day in which temperatures soared to 24C.

The complex’s website, promoting the vertigo-inducing water feature, reads: “Suspended 35m in the air, the Sky Pool has captured imaginations across London and far beyond. The world’s first floating pool is exclusively for Embassy Gardens residents and their guests.

“This crystal clear, 25-metre-long pool seems to float in the air. Dive in and there’s nothing but clarity between you and the world below. There’s no other pool in the world like the Sky Pool.”

Quite. But as well as making people need to vomit, other people pointed out that the pool is not open to those who live in it through shared-ownership schemes.

Speaking to The Guardian earlier this year, Nadeem Iqbal who lives in the flats through shared ownership said: “We have a front-row seat of the Sky Pool but the sad thing for us, living in the shared-ownership building, is that we will never have access to it. It’s only there for us to look at, just like the nice lobby, and all of the other facilities for the residents of the private blocks. Nobody expects these amenities for free, but we’re not even given the choice to pay for them.”

So it’s elitist and scary? Overall, it’s a no from us.