Eric Trump’s comments on ‘mixing’ business with politics have come back to haunt him

Eric Trump’s comments on ‘mixing’ business with politics have come back to haunt him
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Eric Trump’s comments on mixing business with politics from 2017 have aged terribly.

Donald Trump has come under consistent fire throughout his presidency for the apparent spending of US taxpayer money within his businesses. A 2018 report found that Trump businesses had earned more than $15.1m in revenue through political groups and federal agencies.

But the Trump family weren't always so open about encouraging such deals. In fact The President’s son Eric's exact words at the time were:

There are lines that we would never cross, and that’s mixing business with anything government.

Which is at odds with the recent news of Trump insisting the next G7 summit be held at his own hotel, explaining:

We haven’t found anything that’s even close to competing with it. Really you can be there in a matter of minutes after you land.

With characteristic Trump restraint, he added:

It’s a great place, got tremendous acreage, many hundreds of acres, so it can handle whatever happens. It’s very big, great conference rooms, so we’re thinking about it. We love the hotel and they also love the fact that it’s right next to the airport for convenience.

The decision has now been made for the Doral golf course to host the summit but the White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney has denied President Trump would profit from the event, claiming:

Donald Trump's brand is probably strong enough as it is.

So it's probably all fine then.

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