Eric Trump owns himself after complaining about Hunter Biden not knowing 'anything about the industry he was in'

Self-awareness doesn't exactly run in the Trump family.

Well, try telling that to Donald Trump's son Eric, who recently took to Fox News to complain about Joe Biden's son (it's all getting a bit playground, here).

He accused Hunter Biden of not knowing anything about the industry he was in but collecting a pay cheque anyway. Sound familiar?

He said:

Biden didn't know anything about the industry he was in, he didn't have any discernible duties, and he's getting paid $50,000 a month? And then he gets a billion five from China?

He went on to say that the "entire media turns a blind eye." but that if he acted in the same way, the media would be camped outside his house.

Of course, people on Twitter were quick to point out the irony of one rich kid having a go at another rich kid. One said:

If Eric thinks that's bad, wait till he hears about the politician whose sons are running an international business that the politician still visits, promotes and *personally profits from*

Here are some of the best replies:

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