Eric Trump tried to drum up support for his dad with this tweet but it backfired spectacularly
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Eric Trump is perhaps best known for having his dad’s back.

No matter what the circumstance, you can always count on Eric to pop up out of the woodwork and help spread misinformation or conspiracy theories to make the president good.

Eric has been very vocal since the election was called for Joe Biden, following in his father’s footsteps of making completely baseless claims about voter fraud to try and discredit the election result.

So when he posted a relatively harmless tweet earlier this week, people used it as the perfect opportunity to troll him by pointing out exactly who they considered their president.

On Wednesday, Eric tweeted: “Retweet if you LOVE our President!” He also tagged his father and included three American flags, just in case anyone was unclear about which country’s president he was referring to, we assume.

Still, despite Trump’s claims to the contrary, it seems there are lots of people who do not see him as their president, and were quick to let Eric know it.

Some people went even further, determined to twist the knife a little more.

Trump has continued to dispute the election results despite Biden winning by a landslide, both in electoral college votes and the popular vote (which he lost to Hillary Clinton in 2016), breaking the record for the most votes for a president in US history.

If Eric thought his followers were also in denial, replies to this tweet will make for a rude awakening.

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