Trump's son just terrified everyone by suggesting he'll run for president


Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse, Eric Trump has suggested he’d like to be president after his father, Donald Trump.

The third child of the 45th POTUS gave everyone a heart attack when he “liked” a tweet in response to one of his own.

In a tweet claiming Joe Biden and the Democrats are going to “cheat” at the 3 November election (without explicitly detailing how), Eric wrote:

In response, a random Twitter account simply replied:

And then Eric Trump tapped the little “like” button and sent social media into meltdown.


People were absolutely horrified:

And then lots of people just found it hilarious:

Eric Trump made headlines recently after he falsely claimed a myriad of things in his Republican National Convention speech last month.

Among his most bizarre claims were his father achieving peace in the Middle East and Biden wanting to defund the police and “take away” the second amendment.

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