Esther McVey reminded of Lorraine Kelly feud after being sacked from cabinet

Esther McVey reminded of Lorraine Kelly feud after being sacked from cabinet

Boris Johnson has begun to reshuffle his cabinet with several high profile MPs already being sacked from their positions.

Those that have been axed include Northern Ireland secretary Julian Smith, business secretary Andrea Leadsom, environment secretary Theresa Villiers, attorney general Geoffrey Cox, universities and science minister Chris Skidmore and housing minister Esther McVey.

The prime minister is trying to prepare the Tories for a post-Brexit environment as he aims to 'promote a generation of talent' with the likes of Leadsom, Villiers and McVey all being staunch Brexiteers.

McVey said in a tweet that she was 'very sorry to be relieved of [her] duties'.

McVey's departure has produced a fair share of schadenfreude with more than a few people reminiscing about the time that Lorraine Kelly made a brutally honest comment about McVey on Good Morning Britain.

For a bit of context, the feud between Kelly and McVey arose during the 2019 Tory leadership contest following the Tories' appearance on GMB.

McVey was a former colleague of Kelly's during their time on Good Morning Britain together, which is obviously something that the Scottish presenter didn't have fond memories of.

Kelly later addressed the rivalry, claiming that she didn't actually remember working with McVey at all.

While it might be fun to make jokes about the Tories it's worth reminding ourselves that they are in government and McVey's departure means we will have had 10 housing ministers in 10 years, which is a shocking stat in the times of a housing crisis.

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