The EU countries where migrants are most at risk of poverty


It’s safe to say that migration is a major hot-button issue in the EU right now.

But so much the talk around it, especially when it comes to things like Brexit, is about the effect they will have on the host country.

We forget that migrants aren’t just a statistic or a commodity – they are human beings.

This graph - put together by Statista - looks at the risk of poverty foreign citizens face in EU countries.

Picture: Statista

The graph uses data from Eurostat to visualise the percentage gap in national citizens and non-EU citizens at risk of poverty or social exclusion.

Sweden has the largest gap – particularly of interest after the furore that followed Donald Trump’s reference to a non-existent terror attack in the country.

Across the entire European Union, Eurostat 40.2 per cent of the non-EU born population were at risk of poverty, compared to 21.7 per cent of native-born people.

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