Theresa May faces the mammoth task of extricating Britain from the European Union, a legal, economic, and political headache.

A new report by Ipsos Mori found that 47 per cent of British people chose Europe as the most important to Britain.

Statista collated the information and created a graph:

Picture:Picture: Statista

In fact, 26 per cent believe that Theresa May should try and build the strongest relationship with Angela Merkel.

In January the German Chancellor made it clear that she will prove to be a formidable debating opponent in the upcoming EU negotiations, and warned Britain that Theresa May will not be allowed to 'cherry pick'.

British prime minister Theresa May holds it together in Malta on 3 Feb, as chancellor Merkel tells there's 'someone else'.Picture:

A few months later, Germany’s Finance Minister appears to have taken a softer approach, and advised the EU not to 'punish Britain' and that it was preferable to 'keep Britain close'.

Second to Germany is the US, with 24 per cent of British people keen to strengthen ties with the country despite protests that have been held in opposition to Donald Trump's presidency.

Theresa May decided to go ahead with plans to host the controversial US president in a state visit in the face of almost two million signatories campaigning against it.

Donald Trump called Brexit a 'great thing' for Britain.

Only five per cent wish to engage in stronger negotiations with the Kremlin, ahead of a tiny three per cent who wish to strengthen ties with France.

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