It’s like Isis supporters are taking notes from the movie Four Lions.

Do you remember the recent shambolic six-minute head-cam video depicting a less-than-professional performance from Isis fighters firing rockets at peshmerga armoured vehicles?

Well, on Saturday, Isis supporters all around Europe posted photographs which show them holding up pieces of paper with pro-Isis hashtags and messages ahead of a speech - and the first big social media campaign in months - from Isis spokesperson Abu Mohammed al-Adnani.

The messages on Telegram were supposed to create an atmosphere of fear by showing how much support there is for Isis in the heart of Europe.

Enter Eliot Higgins, founder of Bellingcat, a social media investigation website, who, with the help of people online, tracked down several of the Isis fanboys by geo-locating their photos, looking at CCTV footage and identifying local landmarks.

He's shared the information with the relevant police forces, which will help authorities find them.

Higgins asked his Twitter following to help him identify the street scenes in a select handful of the pictures, which revealed shots from the UK, France, Germany and Holland:

Bruce Grove, North London

Munster, Germany

Paris, France

Nieuweweg, Holland

Higgins told indy100:

We crowd-sourced the answer on Twitter, so it was really a group effort. For London it was basically a local IDing the location, then for Holland several people noted the lamp posts were distinct enough to narrow down the locations, then it was just a matter of looking.

[In the] Paris photo the Suzuki sign was ID'd, then it was basically searching for Suzuki dealers in Paris and checking the locations on Google Street view.

For the Germany image there's an advertising board there, so the locations could be narrowed down by looking at the company who owned the board, and their site lists locations of their advertising sites, which again narrowed down the locations.

Idiot jihadis = the best kind of jihadis.

Update: Dutch police are currently investigating the area of Nieuweweg, Holland.

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