10 best reactions to UK coming last at Eurovision

10 best reactions to UK coming last at Eurovision

Duncan Laurence, representing The Netherlands, went home the winner of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with 492 points.

The UK in contrast, came last with Michael Rice’s rendition of Bigger than Us - taking home just 16 points and coming in at the bottom of the rankings as the Hartlepool native sang at the Expo Tel Aviv venue in Israel.

His glittery backdrop of a starry night sky and racing comets wasn’t enough to elevate the 21-year-old’s position.

Some viewers are blaming Brexit for the abysmal result, whilst others thought it wasn’t a good song.

Some people blamed the last place because of a 'political statement'

This Friends analogy described Britain at Eurovision perfectly

Even people not watching the Eurovision wanted to know why Britain was so bad at

Brexit may have come up as a potential reason for that last place...

The Brexit jokes came fast

'We've become a joke'

And others thought Britain hosting an event celebrating European unity was a bit of 'trolling' from the powers that be...given Brexit

And they think Europe voted Britain down in purpose

Some are trying to own the fail

It all got wonderfully awkward

Other people were just tired of the politics

And some were more interested in Madonna and her controversial performance

Some people were supportive

Others definitely were not

And then there were the people who were only here for Iceland's leather clad BDSM inspired Hatari

All in all, it was another great year for Eurovision

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