Eurovision’s Windows95Man says adults need to be less serious and embrace nudity

Eurovision’s Windows95Man says adults need to be less serious and embrace nudity
Windows95man of Finland performs the song No Rules! (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)
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Finnish Eurovision Song Contest entrant Windows95Man has said that adults need “to let go” of their concerns about being naked in public.

The DJ and visual artist, 38, whose real name is Teemu Keisteri, qualified on Tuesday for the final of the competition in Malmo, Sweden, with the irreverent and oddball dance track No Rules!

His performance saw him emerge from a patchwork denim egg shape before he arrived on stage, and camera angles made him look like he was not wearing any trousers or underwear to the audience at home.

Before the end of his song, Windows95Man received denim cut-off jeans and leapt around the stage as sparks flew out of white ropes connected to his shorts.

When asked about some negative reaction to the almost-nakedness, Windows95Man told the PA news agency: “All my son and all the young people and all the grandmas like (it), I think they really love my show and… child and old people doesn’t care anymore and I don’t care anymore.

“So I think adults should little bit learn, and let it go a little bit and it’s not so serious that you see (a) little bit (of) my ass.”

The artist says that running around on stage with a Windows 95 computer T-shirt and revealing underwear is about conveying his art to the public.

He also said: “It’s really looking like my art what I’m doing, and (being brave) to not try to fake anything… it’s really not easy always to be yourself.

“And just like, I hope in the final I can be, I don’t know if it’s possible? Can I be even more myself there in the stage, but it’s just telling the no rules story, what is like my motto with my art (which I have had for) already more than 10 years, like I figure out that I don’t need to have a basic life and day job and just I can start to do my art.

“And use this no rules motto… together with my paintings and with art and music and this time, Eurovision song, my first… single.”

For Windows95Man, no rules is about him getting away from being “too tough” on himself because he is “chaotic” and has some “focusing problems”.

He added: “(The world) is so much yes rules, and like so much etiquette and norms that you need to follow to be normal so… I want to just tell that if you’re a little bit weird it’s okay and no rules.”

His singer Henri Piispanen says that he has also adopted the philosophy, saying: “I think of it like as a mantra of not like overthinking too much and because sometimes I get inside my head and think too much of what people think of me so then… I can also (say) ‘yeah to myself like you have done many years, no rules, no rules’.”

Windows95Man says that it gives you an “opportunity” to not care about what people think ahead of him performing in the final.

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