In a remarkable turn of events, the wrong Robert Shapiro was booked as a guest on Radio 4’s PM and had to correct Evan Davis after being introduced. The internet was, understandably delighted.

Introducing the man he believed was the defence attorney for OJ Simpson in 1995, Davis said:

Robert Shapiro, I am fascinated in what you think about these rather tentative steps that have been taken here to show court on television and whether we are moving on the right track.

After chuckling through the introduction, presumably baffling the host given the case in question involved a double murder, Shapiro pointed out the error:

First of all, it’s an honour to be on with Lord Sumption, second, let me say that I am Robert Shapiro, an adviser to Democratic presidents, not the lawyer. You called the wrong Robert Shapiro.

The fine folks over at Twitter had some thoughts, as they tend to.

Hats off to the wrong Robert Shapiro for staying on the line and answering the questions with grace and good humour. Up with this sort of thing.

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