When Fox News thinks the burkini ban is ridiculous, you know it's gone too far

When Fox News thinks the burkini ban is ridiculous, you know it's gone too far

The news that armed French police made a woman remove some of her clothes because of the controversial Burkini ban has caused widespread outrage.

Several French towns have implemented the ban, citing concerns about religious clothing after recent terrorist attacks in the country. In response, more women are buying them. Sales for the Burkini have soared by 200 per cent, selling out in UK department store Marks and Spencer.

Many people have expressed their support for the clothing. Some people you might not expect - like a panel on the notoriously right-wing Fox News.

In a video clip showing a broadcast from earlier this month, the anchor and panel discuss the news that a French Mayor tried to ban a private pool party where women were encouraged to respect the "awrah" (Islamic term requiring parts of the human body to be covered) and not wear a two piece bikini.

Tom Shillue, Fox News host and stand up comedian, said on his daily show, Red Eye, that he approves of the burkini, especially because his choice of "swimwear isn't that different"...

He continued to explain that he saw a woman wearing a burkini at the beach and thought "it was great sun protection" and despite being a "Trump guy" he believed "Europe was going a bit too far with these bans."

Shillue's fellow panellist Bill Schulz agreed and said:

Whatever happened to wearing just whatever you want.

How refreshing of you, Fox News. Have you turned over a new leaf?

Then another panellist brought us all back down to earth with the comment: "Those girls look really pretty. Wear whatever you want, just please stop blowing us up."


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