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A speaker at an event hosted at the House of Commons by David Davies MP reportedly compared trans people to parasites.

The event, called 'Transgenderism and the War on Women' and organised by 'radfem' activist Venice Allen, was attended by a PinkNews journalist. The publication claimed that Shelia Jeffreys, an Australian academic speaking at the event, said:

Men can’t become women, what’s so difficult about that?

Her presentation was entitled 'Transgenderism and the Assault on Feminism' – 'transgenderism' being a term hat has been criticised for minimising transgender people as if they are following nothing more than an ideology.

In it, Jeffreys allegedly dismissed transgender people as a "trend" and described trans rights as:

[One of many] internet exploited sexual fetishes that try to make themselves a rights movement.

Jeffrey, who previously compared trans women to racist entertainers in the early to mid-20th century in the USA who engaged in blackface, then reportedly said that trans women "parasitically occupy" women's bodies:

When men claim to be women… and parasitically occupy the bodies of the oppressed, they speak for the oppressed.

Jeffrey was joined by Dr Julia Long and trade unionist campaigner Anne Ruzylo. The speakers criticised the planned reforms to the Gender Recognition Act.

The event has been highly criticised on social media.

The event was originally going to take place at Millwall FC at their South London stadium, but was reportedly cancelled due to a backlash from activists.

A House of Commons spokesperson said:

When organising meetings and events, Members may invite guests of their choice to attend and it is not for the House Authorities to influence this.

It is not compulsory for a Member to disclose an invite list to the House in advance of a meeting.

The appropriate use of committee and meeting rooms on the Parliamentary Estate and the expected conduct of Members is outlined in the Code of Conduct.

Trans activists have accused Mr Davies, who has previously claimed that trans women "should be expect to use male facilities" unless they undergo a sterilising surgery in the past, of transphobia for hosting the event.

At the event, he reportedly said:

I’m totally against any kind of discrimination… until they start to impose themselves on other people. 

I have no problem if men want to become women, I’ve not quite got the language yet, but you can’t have men in prisons or women’s bathrooms or women’s changing rooms or in a refuge.

It’s common sense, isn’t it? 

indy100 has contacted David Davies MP for comment.

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