They say, “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.”

And that’s exactly what the “Ever Given” shipping vessel has bravely done, setting sail to to the scene of its six day obstruction from the spring: The Suez Canal.

In case you’ve forgotten, since this year thus far has felt longer than a decade, the Ever Given gained international notoriety in March 2021, when strong winds grounded the ship on its journey down the Suez Canal. The vessel remained stuck, blocking passage for hundreds of other shipping vessels, for nearly a week — and while that’s seemingly kind of funny, it was actually quite bad. The Suez Canal is an essential part of Egypt’s Silk Road and one of the world’s most essential and busiest trade routes. As long as the Suez Canal remains restricted, so too does all international trade.

Considering the potential global consequences, people appropriately panicked. And then they made memes.

Several months after the initial Suez Canal saga, the Ever Given has faced its former foe a second time. Apparently still traumatised from the first incident, people anxiously tuned into the ship’s live feed, holding their breath and hoping it would make its way through this time.

Some actually hoped the ship would get stuck a second time, for humour’s sake.

But unfortunately for them, the Ever Given did indeed safely make its passage through the canal.

Second time’s the charm, indeed. We’re proud of you, Ever Given.

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