The internet is baffled by 'Hitler crab', the angry knife-wielding crustacean

Nobody wants crabs. Especially not when they're shouting as if Adolf Hitler and waving a knife around.

The only time crabs are okay is if they're served with a wedge of lemon, plenty of butter, and a large grind of salt and pepper. On a salad, or something.

Here, though, is one of the sea creatures much less amicable. It's not been steamed and seasoned. Rather, it's very much alive and seemingly trying to kill a man and slice him up like a loaf of bread.

Not only does the crab have a blade – it also has an intimidating shell. And it's appearance is only amplified in its ferocity, as it scuttles about from side-to-side, by the fact that it's dubbed over with Hitler's angry, genocidal racism.

'I tried to think of what would give me the biggest nightmares,' says YouTube user 'nedyken,' as he explains his life choices.

'So I reversed the knife crab and dubbed over it with Hitler. Made sense.'

Nothing about the video makes sense.

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