Everyone should watch Jim Murphy's concession speech

Everyone should watch Jim Murphy's concession speech

Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy has lost his seat in East Renfrewshire to the SNP's Kirsten Oswald.

His concession speech was one of the best moments of election night:

This is of course an enormous moment for the SNP and no one can deny, and I congratulate them more widely on their success this evening. With a victory on this scale there also comes a responsibility: no one of course should ever confuse nationalism with our country, no one should ever mistake their party for our country, because our history, our streets, our flag have never and will never belong to one political party or one political cause. And finally, it's proven hard to turn round years of difficulty with the Scottish Labour party in five short months. Tonight Scotland has lost so many great members of parliament from all across the country and I'd like to pay tribute to each and every one of them. There'll be more to say about this and what it means for Scotland in the days to come but for me personally and for the Scottish Labour party the fight goes on and the cause continues.

Video courtesy of Channel 4 News
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