What you should and shouldn’t do while wearing a face mask

What you should and shouldn’t do while wearing a face mask

England saw the return of the mask on Tuesday as mandatory mask-wearing returns to public spaces amid the new Omicron variant.

Face coverings must be worn in public settings such as transport, hairdressers, banks and post offices. In addition, all travellers returning to the UK must now take a PCR test and self-isolate until they receive a negative result.

Those who fail to wear a mask could be faced with a fine of £200. This will double with every offence, rising to £400 for a second-timer, £800 for a third – up to a maximum of £6,400.

Boris Johnson warned that omicron appears to spread “very rapidly.” He said the measures would be reviewed in three weeks - just days before Christmas.

Experts have said that mask-wearing can slow down the spread of Covid – but only if a face covering is worn effectively.

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With this in mind here’s our rundown of everything that you should and shouldn’t be doing with your face masks.

Don’t: There’s nothing wrong with getting creative. However, the first influx of mandatory mask-wearing birthed all types of stunningly wild “mask” takes. From sanitary towels to snorkels, onions and even water tanks, we certainly didn’t see that coming.

Do: Wear an actual mask.

Don’t: Expose your nose. The hard work is already done, the mask is on your face – you may as well go all the way now.

Do: Make sure the mask covers your mouth and nose and fits snugly along the sides of your face.

Don’t: You’d be surprised to hear that people have actually cut holes in the mouth section for eating, drinking and smoking accessibility and to ‘breathe easier’.

Do: Just leave the mask alone.

Don’t: Touch the mouth section of the mask as this can spread unwanted germs.

Do: Take the mask off using the ties and ear loops.

Don’t: Wear a mask during activities where the mask can get wet (i.e. swimming).

Do: Keep the mask away from water – no one wants a soggy face covering.

Don’t: Reuse a disposable mask.

Do: Throw away your disposable mask after every single use or invest in a reusable one, which can be washed after each use.

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