Facebook does not want you to see these boobs

Facebook does not want you to see these boobs

Artist Laura Dodsworth

The artist behind a project in which 100 women reveal all about their breasts has been banned from Facebook for posting a link to her project.

Laura Dodsworth told i100 she was "on the social media naughty step" for violating Facebook's community standards after promoting her kickstarter for Bare Reality, and her profile had been temporarily blocked. Ms Dodsworth, whose project aims to explore how women feel about their breasts, said others had also had the same problem after posting links to her page.

"People tell me time and again that the links get taken down", she said. "As an artist - it's really important for sharing and publicising your work"

She continued: "Facebook say they allow art. But they are deciding where to draw the line. This is art I think I should be able to share it."

The thumbnail images that caused Facebook to remove the post and ban Ms Dodsworth (image: Copyright Laura Dodsworth)

While the Bare Reality project does have a page on Facebook, Ms Dodsworth said she can never share images of the work on it.

"They're blocking images of real women", she told i100. "You are now allowed to post images of women who have had mastectomies on Facebook, but not this.

"Why shouldn't we all be allowed to show images of our bodies? An image of a man's chest can get shown."

Facebook limit nudity, so links to the article will be removed once reported by users for violating their community standards. As Ms Dodsworth noted, they recently changed their rules to allow pictures of mastectomies and breast feeding after public criticism. However their rules strictly prohibit pornographic content.

A spokesperson for Facebook refused to comment.

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