Photographer suspended from Facebook after saying he was going to ‘shoot a few Christians’

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Monday 25 June 2018 14:30
Picture:(Nicolas Chinardet, supplied )

A photographer claims that a misunderstanding about ‘shooting Christians’ caused his Facebook account to be suspended.

Nicolas Chinardet told the Mirror Online that he was given a 24 hour ban after he said that he was going to ‘shoot’ – as in take pictures – of a group of Christians at a central London church.

Chinardet tweeted about the incident.

He wrote:

I’ve just been blocked from @facebook for 24hrs for posting that I was ‘shooting a few Christians…’ I’m a f**king photographer…no way to appeal or explain.

The photographer told Mirror that he had been photographing members of an LGBT+ Christian group for a magazine article about gay pride.

It almost certainly was implemented by an algorithm.

The annoying point in my view is that FB imposes bans without a right of appeal.

Chinardet, who owns his own business, Zefrographica, told indy100

I haven't heard a peep from Facebook (not that I was expecting any, based on previous experience).

The ban has since been lifted.

indy100 has contacted Facebook for comment.

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